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Cards For Sale - Unslabbed & Customized With Your Label Choice

SetSubsetPlayerCard #Serial #HFG #CenteringCornersEdgesSurfaceAutoPC TagTotal ScoreGrade

2019 Topps FinestBlue Refractors AutoDanny Jansen146/1506848.59.59.599.536.5Mint1

2019 Topps FinestBlue Refractors AutoDanny Jansen059/1506859.59.59.599.537.5Gem Mint3

2019 Bowman ChromeOrange Refractors AutoRyan Borucki12/256869. Mint2

2017 Topps ChromeSepia RefractorsJose BautistaNone68789.59.5936Mint2

2019 Bowman ChromeGreen Shimmer RefractorsNate Pearson89/9968899.5109.538Gem Mint2

2019 Bowman ChromeGreen RefractorsLourdes Gurriel37/99689109.59.5938Gem Mint2

2019 Bowman ChromeRefractors AutoRyan Borucki305/499690109.59.59.51038.5Gem Mint1

2019 Bowman ChromeMega Box RefractorsVladimir Guerrero JrNone691109.5108.538Gem Mint2

2019 Bowman ChromeMega Box RefractorsVladimir Guerrero JrNone69299.59.59.537.5Gem Mint3

2019 Bowman ChromeMega Box RefractorsBo BichetteNone693109.510938.5Gem Mint1

2019 Bowman ChromeMega Box RefractorsBo BichetteNone6949109.5937.5Gem Mint3

2019 Bowman ChromeBlue Shimmer RefractorsBo Bichette144/15069599.59.59.537.5Gem Mint3

2019 Topps FinestGold Refractors AutoRyan Borucki26/5069689.59.58.51035.5Mint3

2019 Topps FinestBlue Refractors AutoRyan Borucki057/150697109.51081037.5Gem Mint3

2020 Bowman ChromeROY Mojo RefractorsBo BichetteNone69899.5109.538Gem Mint2

2020 Topps ChromeSepia RefractorsVladimir Guerrero JrNone69999.59.59.537.5Gem Mint3

2017 Bowman1st BowmanNate PearsonNone7009109.51038.5Gem Mint1

2019 Topps ChromePurple Refractors AutoDanny Jansen117/25070199.510101038.5Gem Mint1

2019 BowmanGold ParallelRyan Borucki13/50702109.59.59.538.5Gem Mint1

2020 Topps SapphirePurple RefractorsDanny Jansen06/107038.59.5101038Gem Mint2

2019 Bowman ChromeRefractorsBo BichetteNone704109.510938.5Gem Mint1

2019 Bowman ChromeAqua Shimmer RefractorsNate Pearson058/125706910109.538.5Gem Mint1

2020 Bowman ChromeROY Refractors InsertBo BichetteNone70781010937Gem Mint4

2020 Bowman ChromeROY Refractors InsertBo BichetteNone7089109.51038.5Gem Mint1

2021 Topps FinestGold RefractorsAlejandro Kirk03/5070999.5109.538Gem Mint2

2020 BowmanBaseBo BichetteNone71099.5109.538Gem Mint2

2021 Topps FinestBlue RefractorsNate Pearson084/150711109.59.58.537.5Gem Mint3

2021 Topps FinestBlue RefractorsNate Pearson083/1507121010108.538.5Gem Mint1

2021 Topps FinestRose Gold RefractorsNate Pearson25/75713109.510837.5Gem Mint3

2021 Topps FinestSky Blue RefractorsMarcus Semien281/300714109.59937.5Gem Mint3

2021 Topps FinestBlue RefractorsNate Pearson029/150715109.510938.5Gem Mint1

2021 Topps FinestRefractorsNate PearsonNone7169109.5937.5Gem Mint3

2021 Topps FinestBaseAlejandro KirkNone71799.510937.5Gem Mint3

2021 Topps FinestBaseAlejandro KirkNone71899.5109.538Gem Mint2

2021 Topps FinestPurple RefractorsMarcus Semien183/2507198.59.5109.537.5Gem Mint3

2021 Topps FinestAqua Vapor RefractorsNate Pearson083/250720109.5108.538Gem Mint2

2021 BowmanGreen ParallelNate Pearson52/99721109.5108.538Gem Mint2

2021 Topps FinestSky Blue RefractorsAlejandro Kirk212/30072299.59.59.537.5Gem Mint3

2020 Topps FinestGreen Wave Refractors AutoLourdes Gurriel56/99723109.59.59.51038.5Gem Mint1

2021 Topps FinestGreen RefractorsNate Pearson45/99724109.59.59.538.5Gem Mint1

2021 Bowman ChromeROY Pink Mojo RefractorsNate Pearson104/1997258.59.510937Gem Mint4

2021 Topps FinestBaseAlejandro KirkNone72699.5109.538Gem Mint2

2021 Topps FinestBaseAlejandro KirkNone72799.59.59.537.5Gem Mint3

2021 Topps FinestBaseAlejandro KirkNone7289.5109.59.538.5Gem Mint1

2021 Topps FinestRefractorsAlejandro KirkNone7299109.59.538Gem Mint2

2019 Topps ChromePurple Refractors AutoDanny Jansen135/2507309109.59.51038Gem Mint2

2021 Bowman ChromeROY Atomic RefractorsNate Pearson131/150731109.5108.538Gem Mint2

2021 Bowman ChromeROY Aqua RefractorsNate Pearson039/1257321010108.538.5Gem Mint1

2021 Bowman ChromeROY Refractors InsertNate PearsonNone733109.510938.5Gem Mint1

2021 Topps FinestPurple RefractorsNate Pearson232/250734109.5108.538Gem Mint2

2020 Bowman's BestBlue RefractorsVladimir Guerrero Jr027/1507359.59.5108.537.5Gem Mint3

2020 Bowman's BestRefractorsVladimir Guerrero JrNone736109108.537.5Gem Mint3

2021 Topps FinestGreen Speckle RefractorsAlejandro Kirk006/12573791010938Gem Mint2

2021 Topps ChromeMagenta RefractorsAlejandro Kirk341/3997389.59.510938Gem Mint2

2021 Topps FinestAqua RefractorsGeorge Springer001/1997399.59.510938Gem Mint2

2021 Topps FinestRose Gold RefractorsGeorge Springer63/75740109.5108.538Gem Mint2

2020 Topps FinestPurple RefractorsVladimir Guerrero Jr219/25074199.5109.538Gem Mint2

2019 Bowman ChromeBlue Shimmer RefractorsNate Pearson017/1507429109.51038.5Gem Mint1

2021 Topps FinestAqua Vapor RefractorsAlejandro Kirk187/250743109.510938.5Gem Mint1

2021 Topps FinestAqua Vapor RefractorsGeorge Springer095/250744109.510938.5Gem Mint1

2021 Topps FinestAqua Shimmer RefractorsVladimir Guerrero Jr037/175745109.5108.538Gem Mint2

2021 Topps FinestGreen Speckle RefractorsGeorge Springer072/15074610910938Gem Mint2

Our Latest Blog Entry

March 7, 2022

For those of you who have checked out our gallery in the past, you'll see there's only a limited number of cards showing for sale. We do have many more up for grabs but haven't been sealed in a slab just yet.  Why, do you ask?
For one, our custom label options allows you to see a card you like above and make it look just the way you want.  Pretty cool, eh?  
It also boils down to a limited supply of slabs on hand, since we're just getting started. We want to make sure you can see an accurate current capacity on Our Services page and be able to submit your own, first & foremost.

We thought it would be helpful to easily show as many cards that we have for sale and can add these to your submission or simply sell them outright!  

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