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Starting Local - Growing Outward

The hobby of sports & trading card collecting has surged into a full blown elitist level business.  For a lot of people, us included, grading fees from $10-$15US or $15-$20CDN have now become so overblown that one single card can cost anywhere from $75-$250US with some companies.  Either that or you have to wait anywhere from 9-12 months to receive your cards back.  In some cases, it's so backlogged that you get both double negatives. And no, two negatives don't make a positive in this hobby. 

At Hobby First Grading we want to be a fun, fresh, and affordable grading company that can provide sexy, visually appealing labels with high quality sonically sealed slabs.  All that topped with guaranteed turnaround times updated daily with as much transparency as we can provide.  Ready for more benefits?  Good! There as so many bonuses and features provided at no added cost that allows you to get as much value and personal joy out of the experience.

At this point it's time to see for yourself and checkout our Gallery with numerous Standard Graded and Personal Collection items we have available.

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