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What We Can & Can't Do

We're just getting started. There's a lot we're ready to offer right off the bat and some things we're working on.
Here's a summary of it all with a win around every corner! 

Yes, Can Do Boss!

Guarantee Turnaround Times: Yes! Every single service you see posted has a guaranteed turnaround time. Sure, that's always subject to change, but you'll be the first to know BEFORE you submit an order. We're updating the website DAILY with any changes or incoming orders that may push out timelines.

Free Autograph Grading: Yes! It's ridiculous to pay extra for an autograph grading. Think about it:
6 seconds of time to grade an autograph
$3 charge (sometimes even US dollars)
$1,800 an hour
$3,600,000 a year
We want you to feel your business is appreciated, and the LEAST we can do is give you 6 seconds of our time without any added cost. 

Offer Free Delivery: Yes! We're local in the west-end Toronto and definitely want everyone to take advantage of zero emission delivery of your graded or PC cards. Let us know where you're at and we'll let you know if/when we can offer to dropoff free of charge.
If you're further away, we'll ship for free.  Simple!

We're Working On It

Payment Methods: Aiming to expand beyond PayPal and e-transfers once we get rolling. To start, we have at least one guaranteed method of payment with 100% buyer security
Tiered Service Levels:  We're strictly working on a first come, first serve setup. We're trying to avoid the continually unknown grading times that all the big companies couldn't even hit their promised dates.
Calculated Shipping Rates:  Will take some time to build up our shipping rate knowledge and understand the weights of various order sizes (learning how much bubble wrap/protection is required). One bonus we're offering right off the start is FREE ZERO EMISSION DELIVERY for all orders within a few hours of Toronto. 

Make You A Rich Millionaire: Sorry everyone! Many of you know that added grading values are built off reputation.  We want to build ours as positively as possible but might not have the biggest return on investments, yet.  That being said, we have some AMAZING deals for quality slabbed & graded cards in our Gallery.  Check them out along with some high quality custom sports action figures, courtesy of our partner company Ice Cold Customs.

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