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Why We Founded Hobby First Grading

Continuing since March 2021, we've witnessed the sports & trading card world surge into a wild frenzy of record breaking sales, inventive selling methods and unexpected high demand.  Along with this surge came an increased demand of card grading services, so high, that companies have skyrocketed pricing, shut their doors to new orders, and seen increases in waiting times anywhere from numerous months to well over a calendar year.  In short, the hobby & its grading services for the casual collector have become both unaffordable and unrealistic.  Until now. Hobby First Grading has a mission to provide a unique, timely & affordable grading service along with a fully customizable label to proudly display your cards with sexy, eye-catching visual appeal.

Our Design

Looks pretty cool, doesn't it? A fresh new view of trading cards with the ability to choose your label colour scheme to catch your attention each and every time you sift through your case of cards.

Offering Unique Services With Custom Options

Standard Grading

Similar to many grading companies, this service grades your card front & back using common industry standards and analyzes the four categories of Centering, Corners, Edges and Surface.  All card labels include subgrades of each category at NO ADDED COST. All autographs are graded at NO ADDED COST. 
You'll be happy to see this NO ADDED COST thing quite frequently with HFG. 

"Personal Collection" Grading

You decide how your favourite cards are displayed with your choice of overall grade and label colour scheme. Each label denotes "Personal Collection" on the front and disclaims on the back this service is not for resale.
That being said, the maximum you'll pay for a card is $8. That's it.  High quality, sonically sealed slabs to display that perfect 10 without needing to take out a 2nd mortgage on your house to afford it.

Customized Slab Labels

Want to have your display label match your team colours? You can.
Want to have your display label match the card's colours? You can.
Want to have your slab label provide a premium black & gold look to your card? You can.
Each grading service provides all three options, and of course, NO ADDED COST for your colour choice.


From One Collector To Another

To be perfectly honest, this is not another company looking to capitalize on a hot trend. This is not another company looking to be greedy and raise prices month after month just because a few more people want to utilize the services.  This company truly began when prices continued to be raised so high that an alternative was needed to simply enjoy the hobby.
Thankfully, we found that alternative and are here to share it.

This is a company founded to bring the joy back to the hobby and be proud of how our cards are displayed and slabbed. We'll let the sexy designs speak for themselves when you browse through our gallery of our own personal collection and graded cards.

Founder & Small Business Owner of Hobby First Grading

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